YHA (England & Wales)

YHA 140The YHA Brand Story, A story 80 years in the making.

We believe that everyone should have the unique opportunity to discover, explore and experience something new.

That’s why, for over 80 years we’ve helped young people and schools, families and friends, travellers and individuals to explore, learn and relax the length and breadth of England and Wales.

From our beginning in 1930 YHA has grown to be one of the top 50 charities with a diverse network of hostels, often in exceptional places, open to everyone and especially young people.

How we work

YHA is a charity. Our Board of Trustees ensures YHA is run in line with the charitable object. YHA has 15 Trustees and three Officers; a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer.

Trustees are YHA members, elected by the membership. From 2010 any YHA member can attend the AGM and take part in the election of Trustees.

The Board monitors the performance of YHA and makes decisions on policies.

Trustees appoint a Chief Executive who is responsible for carrying out policy on their behalf.

Our vision is to reach out and enhance the lives of all young people. We have set out four strategic themes to help us achieve this vision over the next three years and these are:

  • Developing talented people and teams
  • Putting the customer first in everything we do
  • Reaching more people through experiences and partnerships
  • Achieving a financially sustainable network.

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