Appointments that you control!

Your appointments are important to us which is why we invest in Marcom eSchedule Pro.  This tool enables you to log-in 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world and take control over who you meet at the Youth Travel Workshop.

Each delegate has 18 available meeting slots, each lasting 14 minutes.  All meetings are pre-scheduled in advance of the event using the eSchedule Pro so that you can:

  • Have full control over who you meet and when
  • Get detailed information on all registered participants
  • Use filtering to choose participants by programmes of interest and market
  • Download lists of participants to Excel or PDF
  • Access your eSchedule wherever you are, at any time of the day or night
  • View colleagues’ schedules and join/transfer meetings
  • Schedule meetings in two clicks via PC, tablet or smartphone
Useful tips!
  • Log-in to the eSchedule early – appointments fill up fast!
  • Do not leave appointment requests unanswered ALWAYS accept or decline each meeting request
  • Check your trading profile, explain what you wish to buy/sell, who you wish to meet – it helps other delegates to qualify your meeting request/potential
Other features:

Time Matching Wizard As the event gets closer, participants have fewer common time slots available. Our proprietary Time Matching Wizard suggests solutions to find a matching timeslot. Users simply choose the best option for them and the system automatically reschedules.

List management Participants can easily compile up to 10 lists. They can then perform group actions on all participants within a list.

Account linking tool Representatives from the same organisation can link their accounts when they attend an event. They can see colleagues’ schedules, join meetings, transfer meetings and even reply to their meeting requests.

Meeting Location Manager Whatever the event format, our Meeting Location Manager can handle all situations: shared numbered tables, booths, meeting points and so on.