There is no comparable event in the UK which brings together the breadth of organisations that attend the BETA Youth Travel Workshop

These must attend events are aimed at youth, student and educational travel professionals who are buying and selling products, programmes, itineraries and services, specifically aimed at the inbound UK youth, student and educational travel market.

You’ll pre-schedule a series of B2B appointments that you control. Our buyers and suppliers are carefully recruited and vetted to ensure that they are high quality, reputable partners for your future business.

The BETA Youth Travel workshop is the most cost-effective and time efficient way to meet all of your targeted youth travel connections, face to face, via one convenient online platform. 

We are now taking registrations for our 2022 events:

Spring: 2-3 March 2022   |   Autumn: 11-12 October 2022

We only work with school groups and we have not found any other fair, market or exhibition, where the suppliers better meet our needs.  Richard Melichar, Operations Director 

The Youth Travel Workshop is an important event in our calendar for two reasons: First and foremost we hope to generate new business out of it, but it’s also extremely important, particularly this year in order to gage the mood of the industry, work out what our strategy for the future looks like and share ideas amongst knowledgeable experts in this field. James Charnock, Sales and Marketing Officer 

As a first time attendee I was very impressed. It was great to meet associates from all around the globe from my home office. Ranald Lloyd-Williams, Director

Over the two days I met a great range of interesting suppliers with a lot of potential new collaborations in the air. Some are those I was aware of but many I would not have known about if I hadn’t attended the event. Jamie Tyler, Business Development Director

I find this event a brilliant way to raise awareness of our services and obtain new business! Melody Brooker, Managing Director

The coordination, information, instructions and of course the participants made this a great business event. I appreciate the opportunity to share information, meet new products and greet “old friends” Sonia Mena, Manager

I had a very successful event, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to exchange with partners. Valerie Lorillard, Sales Manager

It was really important to us to be part of this event. We had some very interesting conversations that I look forward to following up! Dave O’Malley, Business Development Manager

The event was extremely successful and we were able to catch up with partners we already work with and also discuss new business with new providers. We are happy to say that we discovered new products thanks to the event! Berta Jimenez Aicart, EFL UK Programme Manager

An excellent event to renew or to maintain relationships with existing contacts and to make new contacts. This is very helpful for our business! Peter Adam, Team Nordeuropa

A very useful and enjoyable event! The online virtual meeting system was easy to use and whilst I missed the buzz of the physical event, virtual events offer the potential to reach a wider audience geographically Michele da Silva, Managing Director

This event has been important to Theatre Workout’s success in recent years and I’ve met clients I would not have met without it. Adam Milford, Director

As a new business trying to raise brand and concept awareness, it was an incredible opportunity to meet student operators that 100% agree that the future in tourism especially for the youngsters minds, its experiential and that exactly what we deliver Ana Araque, Co-founder

The event was excellent and a great value for money. We made many new connections and caught up with existing contacts as well. Highly recommended and the money you spend on the event will be recouped by the first student you receive!  Steven Reznek, Founder

This was my first time at this event and I found it easy to operate the virtual system in both booking and scheduling appointments but also more importantly it was a great opportunity to speak to travel providers who could give us an insight into how relevant our product was or what we would need to achieve to secure future business.  Sharron Scott, Director of Sales and Commercial Partnerships

We were very pleased with the appointment scheduling process and the functionality of the entire system. VERY easy to use. It was a very effective way for us to introduce Group Travel Videos and our program David Martinson, President

A great value for money event,  which delivered big opportunities to work with every company, the synergy was perfect –  ideal match for every meeting!  Marlon Smith, Operations Director

What a great event – this was my first BETA workshop and I found it extremely useful connecting with buyers and being able to promote our education offer. Andy Begg, Stadium Tours Lead

A good opportunity to connect with new suppliers as well as touching base with old ones. I found it particularly useful this year given the inability to travel. Being able to cover so many meetings in one day was brilliant. Mary Doody, Director

The BETA Youth Travel Workshop was a very friendly and well run event. It was my first time attending and I will definitely attend again Aisling Meade, Co-Director

This was our first Youth Travel Workshop and it was a great opportunity to get in front of new partners but also a great chance to talk about our new offerings and gain early feedback on them. A great start to our BETA membership and event attendance! Daniel Hurst, Head of Attractions 

This BETA Youth Travel Workshop was excellent value for money with a great choice of agents from all over the World.  The whole process from making the appointments to meet the agents online was so easy and it was very well organised.  Susan Evans, Head of International Partnerships

Very pleased with the reach of the Youth Travel Workshop, we met with buyers from as far as Asia. Marie-Charles Houston, Contracts Manager

This was my first virtual event and it was fantastic. I was able to generate many new business connections on the day. David Oyedotun, Managing Director

The BETA Youth Travel Workshop stands out as it brings together not only institutions but also well established tour operators and travel companies which definitely adds great value to the event. Dinara Suleimanova, Senior Sales Manager